Enticing course for Capoliveri Legend XCO’s debut

Fast, technical, and full of surprises: the track of Internazionali d’Italia Series stage 2 (Monday, April 5th), has all it takes to make the Cross-Country stars shine. On Saturday, the youth categories raced for the ‘GP di Inverno’ (Winter Gran Prix)

The top-notch Cross-Country athletes in the world will take on an international test bench in Capoliveri Legend XCO, the second stage of Internazionali d’Italia Series scheduled for Monday, April 5th.

The ASD Capoliveri Bike Park, under the guidance of Maurizio Melis, has prepared a fast, technical track full of surprises. A 4 km loop with 170 m of positive gain at the base of Monte Calamita, the perfect setting for the gestures of Nino Schurter and Henrique Avancini, the most eagerly awaited athletes on the Elba Island.

A renowned track specialist, Italian Enrico Martello, has supported the organizing committee in realizing a modern course, enclosing some features that make it unique on the international scene. “The peculiarity of the terrain is the first of many pitfalls,” said Martello. – “It is very dry, giving very little grip. The legs will undoubtedly count, but athletes must be very careful to the setup of their bikes“.

Capoliveri Legend XCO course features two major steep climbs as well as many short and steep, leaving no time to rest. The intermediate section includes fast and flowing descents, while the final part is more technical and challenging.

It’s a fun course. On the downhill sections, the berms and jumps are very distinctive, not all tracks have them – explains the Italian coach. – A very technical segment leads to the finish line: in this section, numerous berms lead into a rock garden. Finding the right trajectory in the bank is fundamental to face the whole section as fast as possible“.

Maurizio Melis can blast great satisfaction. “Our organization is well-rooted in Marathon competitions and has decided to accept the Cross-Country challenge. We have worked hard, and we are happy with the result: now we just have to wait for the feedback from the champions“.

While waiting for the stars, this morning, Saturday, April 3rd, the youth of the Rookies and Cadets categories kicked off the program of Capoliveri Legend XCO. At stake the historic ‘GP di Inverno’ (Winter Gran Prix) one of the most coveted early-season goals at the national level.


Rookies Men 1st Year – Winner: Emanuele Savio (ASD Bussolino Sport)

Rookies Men 2nd Year – Winner: Ettore Fabbro (Jam’s Bike Team Buja)

Cadets Men 1st Year – Winner: Nicholas Travella (GS Cicli Fiorin)

Cadets Men 2nd Year – Winner: Davide Donati (ASD Monticelli Bike)

Rookies Women 1st Year – Winner: Elisa Bianchi (Velo Montirone)

Rookies Women 2nd Year – Winner: Anna Sinner (Sunshine Racing Nals)

Cadets Women 1st Year – Winner: Beatrice Temperoni (Ciclistica Bordighera)

Cadets Women 2nd Year – Winner: Valentina Corvi (Melavì Tirano Bike)

Monday, April 5th, Capoliveri Legend XCO starts with the Men Junior race at 10.30 am, followed by the Women Junior and Open at 12.30 pm and the Men Open at 2.30 pm.

On Monday evening, an overall summary of Capoliveri Legend XCO will be broadcast on the official Facebook and Youtube channels of Internazionali d’Italia Series.