Andora Race Cup – Junior Men: favorite Boichis does not disappoint

He was regarded as the man to beat among Junior Men, and Adrien Boichis delivered as expected. The Passion VTT Venelles Frenchman soloed to win the Andora Race Cup first race, started at 9:00 CET in the sun of the Ligurian Riviera.

Boichis took the reins of the race early on, trying a first acceleration in the opening lap before being caught by fellow teammate Axel Pourriere and Italian National Champion Matteo Siffredi (Scott Libarna XCO), who was racing at his home.

The trio went together until the third lap, when the two Frenchmen moved away but Siffredi once again managed to respond. In the fourth lap, the decisive acceleration by Boichies finally broke the balance: the Frenchman cruised to success with 19 seconds on Pourriere and 1.12 on Siffredi.

I enjoyed the course right away, but that was not easy today,” Boichis told. “The legs were good, but even when we moved away in the third lap Siffredi got back once again. So I tried to keep something back to unleash the best attack I could do, and just went full gas from there.