Forster and Mitterwallner the stars of Pineta Sperane XCO’s debut

A new UCI C.1 event organized in San Zeno di Montagna (Verona) will open the 2022 season of Internazionali d’Italia Series. European Champion Forster and U23 XCO and Marathon World Champion Mitterwallner lead the top starters’ field

The opening stage of the 2022 Internazionali d’Italia Series will be held in San Zeno di Montagna (Verona), with unmistakable views of Lake Garda and Mount Baldo in the background. On Sunday, March 6th, the best names in Cross Country Mountain Biking will be welcomed by the unique microclimate and electrifying trails that make this area an all-time favorite for so many riders, either amateurs or professionals.

Pineta Sperane XCO is the name of the new UCI C.1 event organized by Internazionali d’Italia Series’ managing company, CM Outdoor Events, along with five local groups. The event is dedicated to the memory of Giorgio ‘Jimmy’ Fontana, a prominent figure in the local MTB movement.

Under the direction of technical consultant Enrico Martello, the course was charted to exploit the best characteristics of a slope designed for XCO racing: a technical 4-km ring within the Pineta Sperane Park, a full traffic-free area.

The route is characterized by natural technical sections (climbs and downhill), where handling skills are crucial to be at the fore. The public will be able to follow the action for long stints in the single-track sections, while wide passages were also provided to favor overtaking.

“We have long been considering organizing a Cross Country event in the area we hail from, and where we discovered and developed our MTB passion,” said CM Outdoor Events’ Michele Mondini. – “The Municipality of San Zeno di Montagna the territories of Lake Garda and Mount Baldo have proven to believe in our sport: we found eager collaboration by local realities and authorities. With the new stages of San Zeno and Trento-Bondone, we are looking to follow the process that already proved successful in La Thuile and Capoliveri, creating events in full synergy with the territories and the local activities, developing new structures while upkeeping and improving the trails.”

“In addition, – continued Mondini – Pineta Sperane XCO is an ideal race for the pros early in the season, thanks to the Lake Garda microclimate”.

It is no coincidence that Mount Baldo is the area of election of two-time Olympic Champion Paola Pezzo, and Pineta Sperane XCO has already earned the attention of international riders and teams, such as Team Scott-SRAM led by European Champion Lars Forster; rising star Austrian Mona Mitterwallner, U23 XCO MTB World Champion and Elite Marathon MTB World Champion; Team Trinity Racing and new-born Team Rockrider Racing, led by Frenchman Stephane Tempier, as well as the top riders of Italian MTB.

Pineta Sperane XCO will also put up for grab the first leaders’ jerseys of 2022 Internazionali d’Italia Series. The program will start at 10.30 CET with the Men’s Junior race, followed by the Women’s competitions (Open and Junior) at 12.30 CET and the Men’s Open race scheduled at 14.30 CET.